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Title: Happy + Sad = Frust (Eat)
written on Friday, 22 November 2013 @ 10:49 ✈{ 0 comments }

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Salam Jumaat to all readers.. See my tittle  for my diary line today. Happy + Sad. What does it mean by the tittle.. Actually i'm so happy bcuz i'm pass the role play. Not to menyombong, but pass oready. Hee, Ye la, seminggu gk dok memikir About the Role Play tajuk. And today, The tajuk for do the conversation is 

" Your Residental College will do the anual dinner. So, choose one the best place to do the dinner"

The role player in my group is
*Jahizah Amit (The leader)
*Siti Maryam Azmi
*Laila Ajang
*Nurakmaniza Jamil(ME)

 We have three point to all out, that is Damai (Sarawak Cultural Village), Restaurant and Detar Putra.
 I'm choose the point of Detar Putra. I choose that point because
- The decoration student will get easy to be Detar to make the preparation like arrange the table and chair, Do the decoration using the theme that they choosen.
-Student will easy to go there (Walk to the Detar Putra or pick up the bus 
-Do not pay more (they will save thier budjet)
(Tah pa pe je English mamaniza ni kan)

 However you all, my point that i've think b4 the role plays start already gone :( ... did not out from my cute lips / my mind blank... Tak ke sakit hati ???. Nervous sangat kut. Never mind, let's make a practice more for the role play. The next assessment will be presentation. So, i will do my best to get the better mark. I don't want to repeat this paper. Wasting my time, b'cuz it's only 0 Credit mehhhh...

Wish me gud luck for this Subject ok..

The sad this is...


Yesterday, it should be my presentation day for Organisational Behaviour subject. However, the time for that subject is over at 5 PM. :( So, the presentation will postpone to next thursday. So sad becuz will waiting for 6 days. I really can't wait for free time. Really tired for preparation presentation. Tomorrow will exam for OB subject, Next tuesday wanna pass up my report. The report for MIS.. 

Eottokke...Eotokke... :(

That's all, wanna focus on my OB note.

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