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“You're so convinced you'll disappoint people if you show them that you're not perfect. You don't realize you are perfect. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. They make you you. That's what people love. It's what I love too.”

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Title: It's Hurt to miss someone
written on Friday, 15 November 2013 @ 12:18 ✈{ 1 comments }


Salam jumaat untuk readers. Jangan lupa solat Jumaat buat kaum Adam esp en.suami. Hope you can guide me and our daughter as a good muslim. Becuz I know, i'm not the best khalifah, i'm not the best daughter for my mom, i'm not the best wife for you... but I try my best to be a good mom for my child (Dhia) 

(gambar yang pernah di upload)

I know, that i have being rude for my mom and dad at the past. I don't know why my feelings so weird this few weeks. It hurt for me b'cuz i'm so trouble to have a good rest at night.. Always remember the black shits memory.. I'm sorry for being your daughter   i'm sorry for my self.. I love you mom, love you dad.. I hope i have a time to make them smile and happy. i hope them forgive me. Ya Allah, why i should to make them sad. (I hate myself)

Dear husbnd, I'm sorry... may be i'm not the best soulmate for you... but I try, pray for me.. May be Allah SWT have done his work to make has no feelings anymore.. I'm supossed not to remember the past memory, but it's hurt for me.. Such i wanna be alone, go everywhere, flies everywhere...If I can, i'll do that.. But I think of my status. As mom and wife.

 Do you know, I really love our daughter, Really wanna make her happy, wanna take care of her. But, in early of month of her birth, I already fly go to study. Am I too much???  

I know, i'm too young to take the big responsibilities as a daughter,mom and wife. But, what can I do.. This is Takdir for me. Even i can't accept, but I hve too...

To my adik-adik, I'm sorry bcuz i'm not the best model that you can follow my steps.. But,I hope you all can be better than me. Study hard to make our parents happy. To my beloved lil sis Nur hidayu Jamil, I always pray the best for you. I'm proud to be you big sis. Good luck being studying at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Jealous kt you sebab dapat kos yang akak suke sgt (Geografi).

To my friends, hope you all can guide me.. To out of my problem.. I can't stay like this for a long.. It's hurt too much. To my baby dhia, wait for mama ya syg. Insyaallah, i'll go back home on 19 Jan 2014. Trully miss you.. Can't wait to play with you  

Lastly, if I have a abg or kakak, I need them to give me some advice, I can talk to them.. I can't keep this in this small heart.. ;( 

(I'm so sorry, this friday.. feeling so weak,trouble,sad...and....)
(sorry for nonsense english that i used..i know, it's hard for readers to understnd )


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