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Title: Penat
written on Monday, 18 November 2013 @ 10:07 ✈{ 0 comments }


Lately, macam tak ader rest.. i don't know why i really love to make my body so busy... Until like feel wanna pain sometime..(OME). Let's read about my schedule every day.. Every morning will wake up at 5 (paling awal la) Paling lewat pkul 6 for subuh prayer.

Everyday will go to my no 2 house which is my information studies (CAIS). Monday to wednesday only got one class.. So, the free time i'll use to go there.. Then, Thursday till Friday I got two class. Sometimes, I will stayed at the whole day at campus. Even tak rasa letih, Tapi malam rase nak pengsan je..Huhu..

Saturday, of cuz i'll go to the cais. Kalau rajin stay up smpai malam la kat Umah no 2 tu.. Huhuhu.. Busy dengan assignment yang kian membanyak (ade ker istilah ni). Ahad je kut rest, tu pun kalau bosan duk umah, mesti Gi Cais (dah mcam kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang). Heee

Ni Minggu yang paling pack dalam hidup selama jadi student kat UNIMAS...
sabtu- ke kampung budaya sarawak
ahad- discussion (tp xder pown)
isnin- exam
selasa- submit assignment proposal
RABU-CUTI-CUTI MALAYSIA(prof xde kat sarawak)
khamis- Presentation OB (frust dgn lecture yg m'frustkan kepala ni)
Jumaat- Presentation Muzium(syg kat lecture ni :)
sabtu- exam OB(-_- kene jalan kaki ke depo sb exam kul 9, huaaaa)
Ahad- may be ade program kesukarelawan) Hukhukhuk...

Cepat la cuti, cepat la bulan 12, nak cuti...cepat la habis sem.. Nak balik rumah, nak jumpa baby dhia :(


Nak buat macam ni gak.. haha (macam la ade salji kan kat Malaysia ni... heee) 

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