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Title: EIM work for presentation
written on Monday, 31 March 2014 @ 10:34 ✈{ 0 comments }

I just playing with the Ai sofware during finishing my work.. And now, i'm satisfied with this..
Even though, buat keje guna software yg hebat.. Inya tetap satu kerja yang berat..

 Yes, at the same time.. I was thinking about them.. Mama tengah sakit. Mamaniza n my lil sis tak ada kat mama. Masing-masing kat Uni skarg ni.. Risau kat adik-adik. Baby dhia pulak tak nak menyusu, tak nak bercakap.. Tak aktif macam selalu, may be dia sedih sebab nenek dia sakit.. Really sorry mom, my baby.. Insyaallah, bulan enam ni.. mama balik :(

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