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“You're so convinced you'll disappoint people if you show them that you're not perfect. You don't realize you are perfect. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. They make you you. That's what people love. It's what I love too.”

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Title: ::love song::
written on Sunday, 11 December 2011 @ 11:07 ✈{ 0 comments }

Love song...just olny a song...but i hate the love song...ngee ;)
I hear,some say love that love as a river...
that drowns the tender reed..
some say love,it is a razor...
some say love it is a hunger...
an endless aching head...
but...a long time ago...
i say love as a
N u as a seed..

but now....
missing u forever...
some say love..it is a flower...girl as the rose,
man as the seed..
but..for me..
love only hurt my heart..
love like a thorn of rose..
it's too hurt...
friends...what are meaning for (f.r.i.e.n.d.s)???
friends is meaningless...
but,sahabat(which love us vry much) alwayz bside us not in
easy but in hard situation also..it's that friend..
sahabt will care of us..not betrayal..
i hate the person like this..
but i don't have a power to replay..
what happend to me..i will alwayz remember this person..
bcuz u words, i bcome hard..my future were destroy..
now..u can laugh as much u want..
laugh..but remember..Allah still have..Allah will punished us with the 
wrong action we do in this world...
as a girl,u have to beware with u words..don't too easy 
talk to other about the person..just it...

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